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Rick Ross Net Worth 2013

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Net Worth: $28 Million

Rick Ross Net Worth

How much is Rick Ross worth?

Who is Rick Ross?

Rick Ross Net Worth 2013: $28 Millions

Rick Ross Net Worth 2013: $28 Millions

Born as William Leonard Roberts II on the month of January in the year of 1976 in the Coahoma Country of Mississippi, Rick Ross is a rapper from America. With active participation in hip hop and rap since the year of 2001, Rick Ross is currently 37 years of old and is considered as one of the most richest person as per statistics and reports. He graduated from the Miami Carol City Senior High School to attend university of Albany State through scholarship of football.

The name ‘Rick Ross’ was actually derived from a recognized drugs trafficking situation that went with the name of Freeway. Even though he uses this name as a rapper, Ross states that he has no connection with the drugs incident personally. It is also recorded that before he joined the industry of hip hop, Rick Ross had worked as a correction officer for approximately 18 months during the time span of December 1995 and June 1997.

How Did Rick Ross Accumulate Wealth?

Stated as one of the richest person of the world, Rick Ross net worth counts to $28 million. It was after he signed the Suave Hose Records that he started singing and recording in the musical industry. Later he also signed for the contract of Slip-n-Slide Records that was originally founded by Def Jam in the year of 2006. Again few years later he took up the offer of touring with Trick Danny, a rapper. Not only this, he also indulged in special appearances as a rapper after releasing his albums of Slip-n-Slide. In the year of 2012, Ross is reported to have earned around $9 million with the net worth counting to around $28 million in this year of 2013.

Recent Success

After making his mark felt as a rapper in the industry of hip hop, Rick Ross started his own recording label known as the  Maybach Music Group through which he releases the albums namely Deeper than Rap, God Forgives, I Don’t, Teflon Don and more. He is also the first rap artist who was signed for the management company of Diddy known as the Ciroc Entertainment. Another achievement of Rick Ross that adds to his success was in the year 2012 when MTV stated him as the Hottest MC in the Rap Game.

Rick Ross Net Worth 2013: $28 Millions

Rick Ross Net Worth 2013: $28 Millions

What Does Rick Ross Own?

Even though Rick Ross net worth has always made sensational news for wrong and controversial reasons, his net financial amount has been calculated and measured many times. In the year of February 2009, there were some reports in relation to the actual Rick Ross net worth and accumulation of wealth in breakdown which was received at time of his child support campaign. According to these reports, it was stated that Rick Ross owns three luxury cars (2004 Maybach of $55,000, 2007 Cadillac Escalade worth $30,000 and 2006 Infinity Q56 worth $30,000). Apart from these, he also has jewelry worth $45,000 along with monthly mortgage payment amount of $9,700. It is also estimated that Rick Ross spends more than around $7000 every month for personal usage.


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